Before proceeding, please ensure that you have completed the following items. The report you are running is not an application for an apartment unless specifically stated and we are unable to provide refunds. Reports are for internal use only and we are unable to furnish a copy of the report for personal use.

By continuing you agree that: 

 You Have Submitted Your Free Customer Survey on our website

You have spoken to an agent and they have reviewed your survey

An agent has requested you to submit a report request

Cost of the report is $15.00 per adult and we are unable to process refunds

By submitting, I understand and agree that Prestige Realty Inc is a real estate advisory service. Prestige Realty does not own or manage rentals or apartment communities directly and does not have final say in approval or denial of my final application. Qualifications for approval or denial are at the sole discretion of the property manager and subject to change.

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