Free Apartment Locating Service. Serving  Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, West Phoenix,  and North Phoenix .  Studios 1 2 @ 3 bedrooms.

Bad Credit Low Credit?  Past Rental issues? No Problem,  we know who will work with you.


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    1. We are Apartment locator/Finders. We have properties we have contracts with located in North and West Phoenix including Glendale. The apartment communities pays us a commission to bring them qualified renters. Since each apartment has different credit and rental qualifications, people come see us first to save time and money on application fees. We have the first hand knowledge of knowing what apartments work with bad credit/low credit, broken leases, evictions, judgments, and some criminal background. Too get started you would fill out a survey sheet on our website. We then will call you to set up an appointment to come to our office. Once you are at our office, we will pull credit/criminal background so we can properly pre qualify you an apartment. We will build you a custom list of properties that will work with you and within you price range, then the same day you will be taking a tour of the apartment community you pick. If you like the apartment then you will put an application and holding deposit. Whats is great about our service is you already know you will be approved!

    2. My son is looking for a 1 bedroom under 800 , north area. No felonies or criminal history, had one ( abandoned rental) on his credit from 5 + years ago

  1. I need an apartment on the west valley near 99th ave Tollenson, Glendale, Avondale.-my husband has worked for Safeway warehouse for over 15 years we were at our apartment for almost 4 years, when Albertsons bought out Safeway the paychecks were so messed up that in June we fell behind in rent since my husband only received a total of 6 days pay for all of June, they wouldn’t even work with us and we always paid on time

  2. These guys are great. I had a lower credit score and a recent repo. I had already been turned down by 2 apartments.

    They were able to give me a list of properties that would work with me and I got to see them the same day.

    1. Very few apartments do work with section 8. However, we may have 1 or 2 apartments that may do it just depending on other factors.
      Please fill out a free survey sheet on our website so we can get started.

  3. Looking for a one bedroom apartment for my husband and I. Our credit is bad. Really bad. But we both have great jobs. Would like to set up an appointment on Sunday if possible.

  4. I am currently in the process of transitioning my family from Los Angeles to Phoenix and was referred by google to these great people. They seem very interested in helping us expedite our process and ill be happy to see where things go

  5. Aaron Lawsom has great experience, that came along great knowledge. Which made it less stressful for me in finding a new apartment. He helped me find a place sooner than later and within my budget and means. Highly recommend!

    1. We are Closed on Sunday and available Monday. Please submit a survey sheet so we can see what we are working with

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