Are You Moving To Phoenix, Glendale, or Peoria?


Would you like a reliable real estate company to help you find an apartment from the comfort of your home?  Do you want peace of mind knowing you are moving from out of state and will have an apartment ready for you when you move here in Arizona?  Read below to get started today.

You may have found out Arizona has different rental qualifications that you are not used too, which may be quite difficult for you to find housing.  In Arizona you are qualified based on Income, Credit, Rental Debt, and Criminal Background.

If you need assistants getting approved for an apartment in the Phoenix Area, we can help you. We work with majority of all apartment communities in the North and West Phoenix Area, including Glendale and Peoria.

Importantly make sure you have verifiable income, job transfer letter, or a hire on letter so we can help.

There are two ways we go about helping someone from another state make an easy move to the Phoenix Area.

  •    Fill out our online survey sheet with 100% honesty.  Arizona does full criminal, rental, and credit checks. This allows us to do our job by making sure you are qualified for an apartment and you aren’t losing time and money on application fees.
  •   If one of our agents has determined we can help you, we will then have you go out our website to our rental screening.  This ensures we take you to the right apartment, that will work with your whole situation.

Once you complete your survey sheet and you ran your credit,  we then do the leg work and get you in contact with apartment communities that will work with you.  You can go online view pictures and selection your best apartment option. You will then apply online and pay all applications and holding deposits to the apartment directly, so by the time you are in the Phoenix area, you know you have keys to your next apartment waiting for you.

Are you going to be here in the Phoenix Area?

If you want to tour your next apartment that will work with you, and you will be traveling or have other accommodation to wait for your next apartment; call us to schedule an appointment. We can meet you in person and fully utilize our services in helping you get an apartment. Apartments usually allow a tenant to hold the apartment for up to 30 days. Thus, giving you enough time to come up with all move in cost and making your move to Phoenix easier.

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