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Broken Lease, Evictions, Judgements, And Rental Debts

Prestige Realty has a large selection of bad credit apartment rentals  in the Phoenix area including Glendale ,Peoria, Central, Tempe and Mesa;  that consider/accept tenants with Bad Credit and Rental Debts.  They are sometimes called second-chance apartment rentals. We now have added apartment rentals in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert.

  • Other apartment debts with a remaining balance owed and property collection liens filed by apartments are generally treated like rental debt.
  • If you have been denied previously don’t worry, we are still able to provide you with some apartment options. The apartment options we provide for you are properties that will work with your situation. The apartments will consider your rental debts and collection accounts.  To determine your pre-qualification status, we need to conduct our rental screening and assess the results. This allows us to see how everything is showing up.

Every apartment community has its own criteria for accepting new tenants with rental debt and or other collection accounts.  Bad credit apartment rentals are available today.  Call Prestige Realty.


Prestige Back

Most Apartment Complexes Will Deny Anyone With Rental Judgment, Broken leases, and Evictions.

There is an advantage of working with Prestige Realty.  We are not tied to one property or one management company which gives us the ability to work with a wider range of apartments.

We have properties that can work with bad credit as well as rental issues.  These are often called Bad Credit Apartment Rentals or Second Chance Rentals. Our most flexible properties that are consider bad credit apartment rentals  require the rental debt, rental judgement, broken lease or eviction to be a minimum of one year.

There are special circumstances that we can help someone find an apartment with rental issues less than a year.  If you set up a payment for the pass rental issue  to your landlord or collection agency is one of these special circumstances.

We may have a few bad credit apartment rentals that may work with a recent rental debt that is under a year old. Below explains the process.

Bad Credit Apartment Rentals Phoenix

Due to how the current market is, we only have one or two apartment communities that will work with broken leases, evictions or rental judgments less than 1-year-old.  Note, our inventory does change daily. If you are currently being evicted or breaking your lease, we may have a few options for you.

  • The bad credit apartment rentals that can work with a recent eviction, or someone breaking their lease are usually full till 30-60 days out.  Expect a security deposit of up to a month and a half plus the first month’s payment.
  • Being considered a higher risk, these bad credit apartment rentals will charge the legal max deposit.
  • Typically, rental debts that are older are viewed more favorably. Due to supply and demand dynamics, bad credit apartment rentals communities that offer second chance rentals and are willing to work with recent evictions and rental judgments often have higher pricing.

As a dedicated Apartment Finder service for bad credit apartment rentals. we understand the challenges of finding apartments that accept evictions near you. We strongly encourage you to reach out to us by phone or fill out our complimentary survey form. This will enable us to explore potential bad credit apartment rentals that align with your needs and circumstances. We are here to assist you in finding the best possible apartment option.


We Know The Apartments That Can Work With You

Prestige Realty is a valuable resource for a wide variety of individuals, not just those with bad credit. We can assist people who are relocating from out of state by providing them with information about different neighborhoods, rental prices, and available apartments in the new area.  We do have access to luxury bad credit apartment rentals.

Additionally, individuals with busy schedules who may not have the time to search for apartments themselves can benefit from the expertise and efficiency of apartment locators such as Prestige Realty.

Moreover, apartment locators such as Prestige Realty can assist those who have past rental judgments or have a criminal background by leveraging their knowledge of landlords and property management companies that may be more understanding and willing to work with such individuals. We can saving you time and money when search for bad credit apartment rentals.

We can specifically help with finding Bad Credit Apartment Rentals. We can help navigate the apartment hunting process and find suitable apartment options that align with their specific requirements and circumstances.

Overall, apartment locators like Prestige Realty can be a valuable ally in the search for bad credit apartment rentals catering to a range of needs and situations.  We work with thousands of apartments throughout the Valley. Bad Credit Apartment Rentals are just a phone call away. Call us now.

Apartments For Rent with Amenities

When it comes to finding the perfect apartment, there are a lot of things to consider. Location, price, and size are all important factors. However, one of the most important things to consider is the amenities that are available.

Does the complex have a gym? A swimming pool? A laundry room? These are all important things to think about. Amenities can make your life a lot easier, and they can also help you save money in the long run. For example, having a gym on-site means that you don’t have to pay for a separate membership. And having a laundry room means that you don’t have to go to a laundromat. Amenities can also make your apartment complex more enjoyable to live in.

So when you’re searching for an apartment, be sure to ask about the amenities that are available.

Finding Apartments That Accept Bad Credit Near Me

To find apartments that accept bad credit near you, you can try the following:

  1. Use apartment search websites that allow you to filter by credit score requirements, such as Apartments.com, Zillow, or Rent.com.
  2. Check with local apartment rental agencies such as Prestige Realty.  They have access to apartment rentals that are able to work with bad credit and rental issues.
  3. Look for apartments that offer alternative methods of assessing creditworthiness, such as allowing you to provide a larger security deposit or paying several months’ rent in advance.


It’s best to use Prestige Realty to save both time and money, as they possess the knowledge to help you find an apartment that can work with you.

Bad Credit Apartment Rentals

Prestige Realty is the expert in helping people find apartments even with bad credit.  As the top Apartment Locator service in the Valley,  we know the apartments that can work with you! Rent an apartment with bad credit today!

To Rent An Apartment:

Factors influencing your approval or denial is the total outstanding rental debt you owe.

While some bad credit apartment rentals may permit up to two rental debts, we also have apartment properties that can accommodate more than two, though this often entails a higher security deposit and options may be more restricted.

All apartments will charge you a larger deposit when you have a rental debt. 

Be prepared to pay up to 1 month and a half security deposit, worst case scenario. This allows for the higher-risk bad credit apartment rentals to accept tenants with a rental debt in their history.

Having Bad Credit and or a Low Credit Score:

When it comes to bad credit, each apartment has different credit requirements. Some apartments require credit scores to be at least 600, some bad credit apartment rentals require a credit score over 500, and others are not credit driven, meaning credit friendly. Even Below 500! Having this information in our database allows us to identify the bad credit apartment rentals that are open to working with you.

For further peace of mind, if you only have bad credit and never rented or broke a lease, then it will be easier for us to help you find an apartment. First Time Renters are welcome. Even a credit score in the low 400s can get approved for bad credit apartment rentals. Call Prestige Realty today for any questions.

Pay More Upfront When You Have Bad Credit

Bad Credit Apartment Rentals refer to rental properties that are available to individuals with less-than-ideal credit scores. Whether due to past financial difficulties, missed payments, or limited credit history, having a low credit score can significantly impact your ability to rent an apartment. Landlords and property management companies often use credit checks as a screening tool to assess a tenant’s financial responsibility and ability to pay rent on time.  Remember, when you have bad credit or rental judgments, you are most likely going to have a high security deposit. 

Bad Vs Good Credit

Overcoming Obstacles: Strategies for Success

While navigating Bad Credit Apartment Rentals may seem daunting, there are proactive steps you can take to improve your chances of securing a lease.

1. Be Honest and Transparent

When applying for bad credit apartment rentals, honesty is key. Be upfront about your credit history and any past financial challenges. Providing context and explanations for negative marks on your credit report can demonstrate accountability and a willingness to address past issues.

2. Pay a Higher Security Deposit

One way to alleviate concerns about your creditworthiness is by offering a higher security deposit. A larger deposit provides landlords with an added layer of security and may mitigate their perceived risk of renting to someone with bad credit.

3. Provide Proof of Income and Stability

Showcasing a stable source of income and employment can help offset concerns about your credit history. Providing pay stubs, employment verification letters, or bank statements that demonstrate your ability to afford rent can strengthen your rental application.

4. Seek Co-Signers or Guarantors

If your credit is particularly poor or you lack sufficient income, consider enlisting the help of a co-signer or guarantor. A co-signer with good credit and stable income agrees to take responsibility for the lease if you fail to fulfill your obligations, providing landlords with additional reassurance.

5. Explore Alternative Housing Options

In some cases, traditional apartment complexes may be less flexible when it comes to credit requirements. Consider expanding your search to include privately-owned rentals, sublets, or properties managed by smaller landlords who may be more open to working with tenants with bad credit.


Landlords Look For Stabile Income

Just remember, having income is key.  Landlords may be more willing to forgive past rental issues you can show a stable steady income.

Some Of Our FAQ’s About Bad Credit Apartment Rentals

Apartment Finder Faq

Can you get an apartment with a credit score of 500?

Prestige Realty offers access to apartment communities catering to both good and bad credit. It’s important to note, however, that not all apartment communities may accommodate bad credit. Leveraging an apartment locating service like Prestige Realty can be an efficient and cost-effective strategy for finding bad credit apartment rentals. We recommend requesting a free copy of your credit report.  When searching for bad credit apartment rentals, it is better to know your credit score before applying. 

How To Get An Apartment With Bad Credit?

If you have been turned away before because of an eviction or bad credit, finding an apartment to rent can be next to impossible. However, by using an apartment locator service such as Prestige Realty, they may have access to second chance rental programs.  It is now possible to find eviction friendly apartments for rent even if your credit score is low. Not only will apartment locators such as Prestige Realty rentals give you the opportunity to get back on your feet and find an apartment to work with your credit issues, but you can also rest assured that the apartment meets standards of quality living as well. Don’t give up hope on getting the home of your dreams after an eviction or a bad credit score—check Prestige Realty Apartment Finder Locator services to find eviction-friendly  apartments for rent and take advantage of second chance renting today!

We work with apartments located throughout Phoenix that are willing to work with individuals with eviction and other rental debts, depending on the age of the rental debt. We will first need to check if the debt is over a year old. Please note that having multiple rental debts may restrict the number of apartments we can present to you.

What is the Lowest Credit Score To Rent An Apartment?

The minimum credit score required to rent an apartment can vary based on the landlord or property management company. A higher credit score generally improves your chances of approval. Nonetheless, there are apartment communities that may consider applicants with lower scores, collection accounts, and past rental issues, including evictions, broken leases, and judgments. Utilizing an apartment locator service such as Prestige Realty simplifies the search for apartments willing to accommodate lower credit scores. Our expertise lies in connecting you with apartments that prioritize factors beyond just the credit score.

What Is An Apartment Locator?

An apartment locator is a knowledgeable real estate professional who specializes in connecting people with eviction friendly and bad credit apartments. These professionals keep their eye on the local marketplace, providing individuals with updated information on apartments for rent with bad credit. They are well versed in eviction laws and guidelines so they can direct renters to rental units that are more likely to accept their applications regardless of past eviction struggles. Apartment locators have valuable access to the latest property listings, comprehensive pricing information, and even contact information for landlords directly. Utilizing their services can save renters time, money, and effort when searching for a new apartment.

Are You An Apartment Locator For 2nd Chance Rentals?

Yes, apartment locating services such as Prestige Realty can be helpful in finding second chance rentals. Second chance rentals are typically apartments that are available for rent to individuals who have a less-than-perfect rental history or credit score.

Many apartment locating services specialize in helping individuals with bad credit or rental history find suitable housing options. These services often have access to a wide range of rental properties, including those that may be willing to work with individuals with a less-than-perfect rental history.

Apartment locating services can also help individuals navigate the rental application process which can be especially helpful for those with a less-than-perfect rental history including eviction, rental judgments, broken lease and some criminal background..  Call us today or fill out our free online survey sheet to see how we can help you find an apartment to rent.

Do You Offer Relocation Assistance For People Looking For An Apartment Rental From Out Of State?

Prestige Realty is here to assist you in finding an apartment even if you’re out of state. Our team can simplify the process and make it easy for you. We understand that you may have bad or less than perfect credit, but we can still work with you. Our range of apartments includes options from affordable to luxury, so we can help you find the right fit for your needs and budget. We have apartments located In Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert and Ahwatukee.

Do You Have Apartments That Accept Evictions?

We work with apartments located throughout Phoenix that are willing to work with individuals with eviction and other rental debts, depending on the age of the rental debt. We will first need to check if the debt is over a year old. Please note that having multiple rental debts may restrict the number of apartments we can present to you.

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