Bad Credit Low Credit? Past Rental issues? No Problem, we know who will work with you..Read More

Q&A? Does Prestige Realty Really Help People Find Apartments To Work With Them?

Yes we do.  The way this work is we have a network of apartments we keep in our database that we are constantly updating daily.  We keep track of the apartments rental, credit, and criminal background criteria. We are a one stop shop for apartments.  After we run your credit and/or criminal background we know what apartments will work with you!

Is This a Free Service?

Yes this is.   The way we get paid is by the apartment community we refer you too.  All apartment communities in our Network have a marketing budget, thus they are able to pay us and write us off at the end of the year with no cost to you.

But I Have Really Really Bad Credit Can You Still Help?

Yes.  Because of our database we update daily, we have plenty of apartment communities that are not credit driven aka credit friendly. Bad credit is welcome.

Why Must You Run My Credit?

By us not running your credit you are putting yourself at risk in getting denied for an apartment because we have no idea what we are working with. You may know your credit score, but some apartments qualify based on debt to income ratio,  total of collection accounts,  date and amount of your past rental judgments, and car repossessions amount and date.  Did you know some apartments actually run a state eviction report? Think of it as an investment.  The money that is spent on a credit check will give you options to apartments that will approve you.

This is way better than you spending $25-$50 per application fee for each and every apartment that denied you.

Why Do I Need About $150-$200 when I Come To Your Office?

Simple, what we show you today may not be available tomorrow. If an apartment community that you love only has 1 unite available and you aren’t ready to put an application and holding deposit that day due to no money you wasted your time because we would have to start the apartment search over again.

The day you come to our office expect to be touring the apartment and putting an application and holding deposit.  We are serious in helping you lock something up the day you come in.  If you want to make this hassle free , come to our office when you have about $150-$200.

I have a Criminal Background Can you Still Help?

Criminal Background is tough.  We cannot help anyone with any sexual offense crime.

Most felonies must be over 7 years from the disposition date in order for us to help you.

Must be off of probation.

If your felony is only 5 years from the disposition date you must have a credit score higher than 550 and no rental debt in order for us to help you.

The older the felony charge the better it is to find you an apartment.

Misdemeanors are OK.

Just make sure you are off probation.

I'm In A Different State Can You Help Me?

YES! This is what we specialize in. Make sure you want to move to North Phoenix, West Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria or Goodyear.

Make sure you have a job transfer,  offer letter, or proof of income by the time you are here in the Phoenix area.

The first step is filling out the Free Survey Sheet on our website.  Once we look at what we are working with, we will call you to run your credit online on our website.  We aren’t here to take your $15.  Let us see your situation first before running your credit.  We are in business to find you an apartment not to pocket a $15 credit check.  If we can’t help you, no reason for you to spend money.

After we contact you,  we will guide you step by step into getting approved for an apartment.  We have helped hundreds of people find apartments from out a state. Have keys ready for your next apartment by the time you get here in Phoenix! Feel free to read our reviews.