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If Yes, below indicate if it was a Misdemeanor or Felony or both
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  • Chiquita W. AvatarChiquita W.

    John is the guy you need to see. Hands down, he helped me find an apartment the same day, and I was approved two days later. This company can help you. I thought my situation was difficult, but no. Now I know that there is a solution for any problem. - 9/06/2018 

    Brittainy H.

    Wow. For the past 5 months I’ve been struggling to find a decent place to accept me. I’ve spent so much time and so much money to only receive rejection. That was until I came across Prestige realty and a saving grace named Aaron. I’m so grateful for my experience with this place. The process was simple and stress free. I was basically in and out and I’m now I’m sitting back with my feet up comfortable in my own home. Thanks so much Prestige Realty. And a special THANK YOU to Aaron Lawson. - 10/11/2020 

    Victoria M. AvatarVictoria M.

    Aaron WAS AWESOME WITH MY MOVE!! I applied to 3 different apartments and was approved but didn’t have a co signer and within 6 hrs Aaron had me approved with a move in date!!! Thank you so much!! I’m new to Arizona and it was really hard finding a place with everything I wanted! - 11/19/2020 

  • Estela C. AvatarEstela C.

    Great place to get help in finding the apartment suitable for you. Aaron was very polite and straight forward in telling how the process goes. And helped me find a place that I wanted and around my price range. Thank you so much. I am now loving my new apartment!!! - 11/01/2018 

    Rey B. AvatarRey B.

    - 9/06/2018 

    Jessica D. AvatarJessica D.

    The service was great! Two years ago they helped me find an apartment that would accept my judgement. We went to see the place the same day and I was able to apply with confidence! They ensured I would be approved before I applied. The process was smooth and easy. They helped me through the whole move-in. I was approved just like they told me. I called today for questions about properties that will accept a criminal background. I was given honest answers as well as some great advice. I truly appreciate that. People often don't know what to say when they can't really help but this was handled very well. I highly recommend their services! - 2/01/2019 

  • Shelby S. AvatarShelby S.

    Aaron was phenomenal with not only finding us a place within our timeframe. But within our price range. We will definitely referring him to others. Thank you being so helpful and doing all the leg work. - 9/06/2018 

    nikki e. Avatarnikki e.

    Johnny was super amazing. He made everything so simple. - 11/01/2018 

    Nichola B. AvatarNichola B.

    They really know what they're doing. They helped us to find a home the same day we met with them. - 9/06/2017 

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