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Apartment Locators Phoenix, Arizona – Apartment Finders!

Free Apartment Rental Finder Agency. Prestige Realty is an Apartment Locator Agency that serves the North and West Phoenix area including Glendale and Peoria. The Apartments for rent in our database range from Affordable to Luxury Apartments. Bad Credit, Low Credit, Broken lease, Eviction, Rental Judgement, Collections, and Repossession? No Problem! We have apartments that may work with you. We have a database of apartments that range from affordable to luxury apartments. Studios 1 2 & 3 bedrooms are available. Call us today or fill out a free online survey sheet to get the process started.

Prestige Realty – Apartment Finder Service is committed to helping our clients find an apartment. We only get paid if we help you.


Update: Phoenix, Arizona is dealing with a huge apartment shortage. Rental requirements and availability are on a day-by-day basis. Fill out a survey sheet to see what we can do for you.

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Losing Money On Application Fees Can Be Frustrating

The first step into finding your next apartment is by calling us or filling out an online survey sheet today. Let’s see if we can get your pre-qualified for an apartment regardless of bad credit, broken leases, evictions, judgments and/or some criminal background.


Schedule An Appointment With Us

If we can help you find an apartment, we will schedule an appointment with you. Please be prepare with your I.D, $15 per applicant, have about 30 minutes to an hour getting pre-qualified for an apartment that will work with you, and finally have between $150-$200 the day you come into our office. This money will go towards your application and holding deposit, so you can hold the unit we find for you.


Touring Your Next Apartment

The day you come into our office, we will build you a custom list of apartments that will work with your situation. We will call the apartments and get prices and availability. After we find you an apartment, you will be taking a tour of the apartment we find for you. The best part of our Apartment Locator / Finder Services is knowing you are already approved for the apartment before you go see it! You are just deciding if you like the apartment and want to move forward with the application and holding deposit.


Moving Into Your Next Apartment

Congratulations, you took the next step in securing your next apartment by meeting with us. You used our Apartment Locator / Finder Services getting approved for an apartment. Since you are now apart of our family, we will guide you on your future steps of renting an apartment after your lease is up or guide you into become a first time home buyer!

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