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Below you will find valuable information about our company and how we can help you find an apartment today.

Do you really help people find apartments to rent?
Yes. Prestige Realty is an apartment rental agency that helps people find apartments.
I have bad credit. Can you still help me find an apartment?
Yes!  That is what we specialize in.  We have apartments that work with bad credit, past rental judgments, and some criminal background. Once we run our own rental screening, we will know the apartment options we can show you.
I'm a first time renter. Can you still rent to me?
Of course.  First time renters and no credit situations are better than bad credit.  We have plenty of apartments that can work with 1st time renters.  As long as you have verifiable income and make at least 2.5x the monthly rent, we have apartment options for you.
Do you help people find apartments with a criminal record?

Criminal backgrounds are a tough situation.  When it comes to Felony charges, you need to be off of probation and the charge must be at least 7  years old from the disposition dates. Only recent felonies that are workable would be DUI felony and Marijuana possession.   We CAN NOT work any sex crimes.

When it comes to misdemeanors those are more workable. The older the better. Again,  the only misdemeanor we can not work is sex related crimes.

I have multiple broken leases and rental judgments can you still help me?
YES. However, the more broken leases, evictions, and rental judgments you have the less options you have. For us to have multiple apartment options your rental debt needs to be over 1 year old.  If your rental judgment is less than 1 year old, we only have one apartment that can work with you and they will charge you a higher security deposit.  Expect a higher deposit with rental debts.
I'm Relocating To Phoenix How can I get an apartment?
The first things you need to know is where is your new job location and what part of Phoenix you want to move at.  The apartments we have are located in North and West Phoenix area including Glendale.  Too move here with a new job, you will need an offer letter or proof of the new job.  If you are self employed you need 1099’s  or bank-statements. Job Transfers would be the easiest route.  Not Everyone situation is the same when it comes to relocating.  We have our own dedicated page with info on how we can help you relocate from out of state. Please click the link below.


What areas of Arizona do you serve?
At the moment we only serve the Phoenix area that includes North Phoenix,  Metro Phoenix,  West Phoenix,  Arrowhead Area, and  Glendale.  WE DO NOT have any apartments in the East Valley.
What is the Survey Sheet on this website?
The survey sheet is a questionnaire we ask for you to fill out so we can determine if we can help you rent an apartment.  It also gives us details of your situation. The questionnaire isn’t going to the apartment complex, its for us only.  We are on your side, so please be truthful because the more information we have, the better we can help you find an apartment.
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