Prestige Realty has a large selection of Apartments in the Phoenix Area including Glendale and Peoria; that considers/ accepts tenants with Rental Debts.
  • Other apartment debt with remaining balance owed and with Property Collection Liens filed by Apartments are generally treated like a rental debt.
  • If you have been denied previously don’t worry, we are still able to provide You with some options of apartments that would work with your situation: that will consider rental debts and meet your other requested criteria, but “that does not guarantee you will be accepted till we see how everything is showing”.
Every apartment community has their own criteria for accepting new tenants with a rental debt and or other issues. However most require:
Rental Debt over a year old.
  • We do have a few properties that will accept current Broken Leases,Evictions, or Judgments less than 1 year or someone currently being evicted or breaking their current lease; but expect a security deposit up to a month and a half as deposit plus first month’s payment.
  • Generally the older the rental debt the better.
  • The amount of Outstanding Debt owed is another consideration in determining your approval or denial.
    • Some properties Allow 2 rental debts; we do have properties that will accept more than 2, but  requires higher security deposit and will be very limited.
    • All Apartments will charge you a Larger deposit when you have a Rental Debt ; be prepared to pay up to 1 month and a half Security Deposit, worse case scenario. This allows for the higher risk apartments to accept tenants with a Rental Debt in their history.
Having Bad Credit and or a Low Credit Score: When it comes to bad credit, each apartment has different credit requirements.  Some apartments  require credit scores to be at least 600, some require a credit score over 500 and others are not credit driven meaning credit friendly.  Even Below 500! With this information in our database we know what properties will work with you.