Top 10 Reasons To Use Prestige Realty – Apartment Locator/Finder Service:

Top 10 Reasons To Use Prestige Realty – Apartment Locator/Finder Service:

  1. We know what apartments will work with you – Prestige Realty has been in business for 10 years. We have collectively acquired the first hand knowledge of apartments throughout the Phoenix Area.
  2. We are local experts of North & West Phoenix –  Our office is located in the North West Valley.  Since our office is local,  it’s easier to get around in the North and West Phoenix area and considers ourselves an expert of  the WEST VALLEY.
  3. We can save you time and gas money –  Your apartment search can take you over a month.  Because we are Apartment Finders / Locators, what it takes you in a month is narrowed down to less than a day for us.  In a couple of hours you will be touring apartments that will work with you!
  4. We will save you money on application fees – No more getting your apartment application denied. The point of our service is to make sure the apartment we take you to will work with you.
  5. We will show you apartments that you would qualify for –  It’s nice and comforting touring an apartment knowing you are already approved!
  6. You will tour YOUR best option apartment we find for you.- We make sure you like the apartment before you put in your application and holding deposit
  7. Before touring the apartment you already know you are pre qualified. – THIS IS THE MAIN REASON TO USE OUR APARTMENT FINDER / LOCATOR SERVICE!
  8. We will find what you are looking for –  You choose the apartment from our list you want to tour.
  9. Its a FREE SERVICE! – The apartment community you rent from pays Prestige Realty a commission, with no hidden fees to you!
  10. We are a friendly no judgment environment. – WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE !
Do You Have An Apartment Community, Multi Unit Complex, Home Owner, Or Property Management Company Looking For Qualified tenants?

Do You Have An Apartment Community, Multi Unit Complex, Home Owner, Or Property Management Company Looking For Qualified tenants?

By using Prestige Realty an Apartment Locator / Finder Service you have peace of mind knowing your leasing agent’s time will not be wasted on our traffic. Our clients are ready, willing, and able to secure a unit the same day. We have daily traffic and need to be able to give apartment options for our client’s current situation.  Many of our clients are doing apartment searches and losing $100s of dollars on application fees. People reach out to us; an Apartment Locating /Finder Services, to help them get pre-qualified for an apartment without the hassle and stress of losing time and money on applications and holding deposits.

By you signing up with Prestige Realty, we will then be able to present our clients with your available units, show them your price range, and also go with the client to your property to tour the unit, so the client can secure it.

Here are the bulletins below on why you should consider Prestige Realty as another source of marketing traffic for your apartment complex:

  • Qualified traffic
  • We prescreen all clients with credit, criminal, and rental check.
  • 100’s of client inquiries monthly.
  • Only pay commission on clients that have moved in.

Vacant units equate to loss of income. The longer that vacant unit sits with no occupied tenant, the more you lose out on income. Prestige Realty is eager to becoming the number 1 source of apartment locating and apartment referral source in Phoenix, Arizona. We are consistently marketing new trends to provide consistent lead generation for your property. No property is to big or too small for us.  Even  if you need to list your single family home or have a 1000 unit complex we can help you today. Our website is very detail and the service we provide and what we can do for you.  If you are interest in our services you can sign up on our Website’s Apartment Sign Up page  or simply call us today at 602-824-9178.

Finding Apartments for Rent with a Locator

Finding Apartments for Rent with a Locator

Your apartment search can be stressful.  It becomes more of an issue with your apartment hunting when you have bad credit and rental issues. Going at this alone can leave you with time and money wasted.  Hundreds of dollars can be wasted just on application fees alone.  In some cases, you may even lose out on your holding deposit.  These are all main reason why an apartment locator / finder company can be useful for you.  A good apartment locating company will pre qualify you for an apartment after they check your credit , rental, and criminal background.  Image going to an apartment already knowing you are approved!  An apartment finder service has a extensive database of apartments in their network.  A good apartment finder will know who would work with you.  You also aren’t only limited to bad quality apartments.  There are nice apartment options out there for you!  Prestige Realty is glad to say they are one of the top apartment locating companies in the Valley.  Please feel free to review our online google reviews.   If you need assistance in finding an apartment in the North and West Phoenix area call or fill out a survey sheet on our website today.

Why Use a Rental Agency Service to find an Apartment?

Why Use a Rental Agency Service to find an Apartment?

There are many reasons why you should use an Apartment locating service.  Lets explain who we are and what we do.   Prestige Realty is an apartment locating service that has a network of apartments in North Phoenix,  West Phoenix,  Glendale, Goodyear, and Peoria.  We have 100s of apartments that we work with.  Each apartment has their own credit and criminal background qualifications.  We simply know what properties would potentially work with you based off of your current situation.

Having bad credit, collection accounts, repossession, older felony or misdemeanor, negative rental history including a broken lease, eviction and rental judgment can be used against you into finding an apartment.   Even with establish positive rental history you can still be denied.

You are probably aware of this and have spent $100s of dollars on application fees!  Wasting money on application fees not only lowers the amount of money you have for move-in cost, but also wastes your time.  You may be in a time crunch. This is why an Apartment Locating / Finder Services like Prestige Realty, is useful.  We have the first hand knowledge of knowing what properties would work with you.

Are you Relocating / moving to Arizona?  A new life awaits you in the Grand Canyon State.  Maybe a new job opportunity, job transfer or you simply need a  Fresh Start.  No matter the reason, having an experienced Real Estate Agent that you can trust like Prestige Realty will help ease the process of having a beautiful apartment ready for you.

Call Us  (602) 824-9178

During these uncertain times Prestige Realty - Apartment Finder Services has an increased volume of people in the Phoenix area needing an apartment to rent.  We are trying our best to help people find apartments.  However, here are a few problems we are having now:  

  • Apartment communities are not touring
  • Apartments are almost or completely full.  ( Governor Ducey Issues Order Delaying Evictions For Renters Impacted By COVID-19)
  • Due to Covid-19 we are short staffed. 

If you read our google reviews, you know we are the Top Apartment Locating Team for Phoenix. The current situation is beyond our control.

What we are doing:

  •   We are still doing our best in updating our database
  •   We are still working from home / no client contact
  •   We are still presenting people with apartments that can work with them 

Even though are resources our limited, we are doing everything we can to help people find apartments.  Yes, we have found people apartments in March, April, and May.  When we do find an apartment, you need to be ready the day of to look at the pictures online and submit the application online. Right now, we find an apartment for someone, and a couple hours later it's gone.

If you need help finding an apartment, please submit our free online survey sheet. Thank you for your patient. We can’t wait till we are back up and running 100% again -Prestige Realty

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