How To Find Eviction Friendly Apartments

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Finding eviction friendly apartments in Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas is extremely difficult in 2024. Concerns about where to live next, how to afford housing, and uncertainty about stability can lead to ongoing worry and anxiety.

Feeling powerless or helpless in the face of eviction proceedings or the loss of one’s apartment can contribute to a sense of loss of control over one’s life. This information below should assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of the available options.

First we need to understand what is an eviction?

An eviction is a legal process through which a landlord seeks to remove a tenant from their rental property. Evictions can occur for various reasons, but the most common cause is the tenant’s failure to pay rent on time. Other reasons might include violating lease terms, damaging the property, or engaging in illegal activities on the premises.

Eviction Friendly Apartments

How To Rent With An Eviction

When you carry an eviction on your record, you must accept that you are no longer seen as an ideal tenant. An ideal tenant is someone with a documented history of successfully completing leases. In the Phoenix Area, most apartments are likely to reject your application due to the eviction. However, as time passes and the eviction ages, more apartments may be open to giving you a second chance.

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Is Your Eviction under 1 Year Old?

If you’ve recently faced an eviction, it’s crucial to recognize that it will not only impact your credit report but also appear on your Public Access Court Case Record. Many more apartments in Arizona are now checking public records, which means you might need to shift your search towards private owners.

Private Owners That Accept Evictions

Private owners often have their own criteria for tenant selection and may require a larger deposit. You need to check local listing or google search of private owners.


Stay With Friends Or Family

Alternatively, staying with friends or family could be a temporary solution until your eviction or rental judgment is over one year old.



Find An Extended Stay

Choosing an Extended Stay is an option since they typically don’t run credit checks. However, Extended Stays are in high demand, and their prices are usually higher than those of regular apartments.

Use An Apartment Locator Service

Utilizing an apartment locator service like Prestige Realty could be a viable option. An apartment locator may have access to second chance rentals or apartments willing to work with you. Remember, there are no guarantees, as their inventory changes daily.

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Play the Waiting Game

You might not favor this idea currently, but it could turn out to be your best option. As your eviction ages, apartments become more inclined to work with you. This typically begins once your apartment debt surpasses the one-year mark.

If you opt to wait it out, reach out to Prestige Realty. We have apartments willing to offer you a second chance once your eviction is over a year old.

Expect a High Security Deposit

Anticipate a high security deposit equivalent to the legal maximum rate of 2.5 times the monthly rent. For instance, if your rent is $1500, expect to pay $1500 plus an additional $750. While this amount may not seem ideal, your deposit will be refundable upon moving out, provided you fulfill the lease terms and maintain the apartment without damages.

Finding Eviction Friendly Apartments In Arizona

Prestige Realty aims to provide insight into how an eviction can complicate your apartment search. Feel free to reach out to us at 602-824-9178. Our apartment inventory is constantly changing, and occasionally, we have apartments willing to accommodate individuals with evictions less than one year old. Feel free to submit a free survey sheeet. 

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