There are many reasons why you should use an Apartment locating service.  Lets explain who we are and what we do.   Prestige Realty is an apartment locating service that has a network of apartments in North Phoenix,  West Phoenix,  Glendale, Goodyear, and Peoria.  We have 100s of apartments that we work with.  Each apartment has their own credit and criminal background qualifications.  We simply know what properties would potentially work with you based off of your current situation.

Having bad credit, collection accounts, repossession, older felony or misdemeanor, negative rental history including a broken lease, eviction and rental judgment can be used against you into finding an apartment.   Even with establish positive rental history you can still be denied.

You are probably aware of this and have spent $100s of dollars on application fees!  Wasting money on application fees not only lowers the amount of money you have for move-in cost, but also wastes your time.  You may be in a time crunch. This is why an Apartment Locating / Finder Services like Prestige Realty, is useful.  We have the first hand knowledge of knowing what properties would work with you.

Are you Relocating / moving to Arizona?  A new life awaits you in the Grand Canyon State.  Maybe a new job opportunity, job transfer or you simply need a  Fresh Start.  No matter the reason, having an experienced Real Estate Agent that you can trust like Prestige Realty will help ease the process of having a beautiful apartment ready for you.

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