Second Chance Rentals

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A New Lease on Life: Embracing Second Chance Rentals for a Brighter Future


Life throws curveballs, like that time you accidentally set the cafeteria toaster on fire (whoops!). And sometimes, those curveballs can leave dents in your credit score or eviction notices on your fridge. But guess what? You’re not stuck forever just because you messed up once.

Enter the game-changers: second chance rentals. These aren’t your average apartments; they’re like beacons blasting “Welcome Back!” to anyone who’s ever tripped or taken a wrong turn. Eviction? Foreclosure? Credit report as smooth as sandpaper? No sweat! Second chance rentals see beyond the bumps and bruises and say, “We believe in you. Come on in!”

Prestige Realty offers a collection of apartments that specialize in second chance rentals. These properties are open to welcoming individuals with challenging credit histories or previous rental debts, providing an opportunity for a fresh start in a new apartment.

Please be aware that due to being perceived as a “risk” because of a past rental judgment or previous credit issues, apartments may require a security deposit that could be up to one and a half times the monthly rent.


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